Cybersecurity considers a wide spectrum of functions from application vulnerability evaluations and audit management, up to security incident management. For this reason, we meet the necessary standards, regulations, and policies, we produce correct risk management based on understanding the sensibility of our customers’ information, and we work together with them to keep the risks that materialize to a minimum.

  • Clients

    DHL US, MetLife

  • Certification

    ISO 270001

We contribute to security quality enhancement for your systems and we generate adequate risk management

Risk Management

Formal procedures for incident reporting. Follow-up and immediate handling of emergency security cases.

User Management

Access control rules in accordance with business and security requirements.

Application Security

Error, loss, unauthorized modification, and information misuse prevention.

Audit Rediness

Audit control upkeep. Security policy compliance checks. Business process execution assurance.


Our staff is trained for following up cases whenever corporate cybersecurity incidents are detected.

IT Assessment

We will evaluate your organization’s capacity to protect information from cyberthreats. Its purpose is to evaluate and prioritize risk.

Some of our achievements with important business partners!

  1. Project Management Office and KITC implementation.
  2. KEY IT security controls implementation.
  3. SOX regulation compliance.
  4. 70%+ reduction in audit issues.

Don’t put your information and systems at risk. We have the right solution.

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