Need IT: Access control and security

Administer access control and security efficiently for all of your company’s systems and assets.

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Manage identity governance

Identity Management

Automates user management. Once users are added to the main organizational directory, Need IT activates access privileges and security on all platforms in real time.

Access control

Authenticate and authorize real time access every time an attempt is made to access internal applications. Provides smart access to users so they can connect securely.

Database generation

Generates databases and keeps them up to date with all customer information both from Human Resources as well as Active Directory. For example: personal profiles, organizational profiles, change history or network activity records.


Provides various security protocols which help handle confidential data and security, designed in full compliance with laws and regulations for PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, FTC Safeguards, or under the company’s own requisites to avoid security violations.

Asset Manager

Has a module to manage tech assets for the company, helps ensure correct use and adjudication of IT assets, resulting in enhance investment management.

Access and asset control on the same application.

We have an IT solution 4 YOU

Strategic consulting

Tech planning and effective use to achieve business objectives.

We work together with stakeholders to identify tech challenges and opportunities to improve efficiency, productivity, and overall yield.

Software development

We create custom applications and personalized systems from concept to implementation, to meet specific needs.

IT infrastructure management

Stable, secure, and efficient IT infrastructure based on holistic management of servers, networks, databases, operating systems, and more.

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